Our Mission & Values

What Drives Us to Make a Difference

We are devoted to sharing our real estate expertise with nonprofits to empower their ability and capacity to serve their missions. With our help, we believe real estate donations can grow as a potential resource for nonprofit’s wealth building. Then, we will maximize the value of our resources by giving back into more community projects, addressing the real estate financing and preservation needs of nonprofits and affordable housing organizations. Our efforts will change generations by helping in-need populations access community development resources, affordable and stable housing, and economic opportunity.

Our Mission: To provide affordable housing organizations and nonprofits with real estate expertise, funding, and preservation.

Our Vision: Real estate philanthropy will empower nonprofits and expand affordable housing options.

We believe in creating a sustainable gap funding source, which serves generations to come. This source will be sustained through the continued programmatic work of our Real Estate Donations program. When donors give real estate, it will catalyze nonprofits into increased stability, innovation, and growth, and a portion will be poured back into the expansion of affordable housing options. By unlocking the potential of real estate philanthropy, we can create healthier communities with strong nonprofits and accessible affordable housing.

Our Legacy Values

We believe in our defined values and goals, and we aim to create a legacy of affordable housing organizations and nonprofits who are stabilized and have grown in capacity.

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Sharing Connexion desires that nonprofits’ and housing organizations’ real estate needs are met with innovative and dynamic solutions.
Sharing Connexion will assist nonprofits in stabilizing their finances and growing wealth through real estate transactions (donations, ownership, facility expansion), setting them up for greater impact in their communities.
Sharing Connexion supports the affordable housing industry and desires to make key investments to ensure the shelter needs of low-income residents are being cared for. 
Sharing Connexion’s aim is to provide real estate solutions to nonprofits’ needs and build a nonprofit (and housing) community supported by the real estate community.