Our Programs

How We Serve Our Mission

Sharing Connexion’s mission is to provide affordable housing organizations and nonprofits with real estate expertise, funding, and preservation. We have identified three primary programs to achieve this mission.

Real Estate Donations

The Real Estate Donation program assists nonprofits who receive or are designated to receive complex real estate donations. Many large charitable institutions frequently do not accept certain real estate donations or quickly sell and liquidate the property due to complexities or risk aversion in general, especially with leveraged real estate or properties with compliance issues. Sharing Connexion takes title to the property, identifies and makes key improvements, and arranges the sale. With our expertise, we maximize the value of the property, thus growing the assets of the partnering nonprofit. This provides essential capacity building for charitable organizations, while also growing our Capital Fund which is designated for our mission services.

Real Estate Impact

Real Estate Impact provides necessary funding to nonprofits and affordable housing organizations who are looking to build, develop and rehabilitate their properties but do not have access to capital. We craft strategic impact investments in the form of low-interest loans and gap financing for low-income housing projects and nonprofit program spaces. Sharing Connexion provides important funding sources to ensure that these organizations can purchase properties in their communities and/or expand services to new locations.

Real Estate Rescue

The Real Estate Rescue program aims to preserve nonprofit and community assets by making key short-term investments to save nonprofit spaces and affordable housing. With the ability to act quickly, Sharing Connexion can acquire property to ensure that nonprofits and housing projects are not displaced. Sharing Connexion takes the role as a mission-minded property owner that leases the property back to the non-profit so they can conduct a fundraising campaign to acquire their facility on a less restricted timeline. For rent restricted units approaching the end of the land use restriction, or for residential properties in gentrifying neighborhoods, Sharing Connexion can act quickly to purchase a property for a partnering affordable housing organization, serving a role as a short-term partner and holding the property until our partner can acquire it.