Where We Serve

Growing our Reach and Expanding Housing Access and Real Estate Solutions

Utilizing our team with expansive real estate background, we have a national reach.

While Colorado is homebase, we strategically vet new expansion opportunities as they arise. Our long-term vision is to have a strong national presence, supplying communities all over the country with tailored real estate solutions to meet the evolving needs of nonprofits and affordable housing.

We believe in partnering with locally based nonprofits and community-minded consultants. Real estate services require a thorough knowledge of neighborhood characteristics, cultures, histories, and market drivers. We connect directly with professionals who are familiar with the terrain, and we analyze market data they generate to identify and address community needs. We listen to community leaders with ground-level experience to inform community development and strategic investments. We have established strong relationships with real estate leaders throughout the U.S., and we continue to build new relationships as we grow our reach.

Target Markets


Founded and headquartered in Denver, Colorado, we naturally love to do work right here in our backyard. We launched our first project in Colorado in 2016 and continue to do majority of our work right here at home.

A 2021 report by the Common Sense Institute found that Colorado would need to develop 54,190 new housing units annually over the next five years to meet current demand and projected population growth. 

In Colorado, 21% of renter households are 'extremely low-income,' which means they make less than 30% of their area median income. Of that 21%, 47% are either senior citizens or disabled. (National Low Income Housing Coalition, Out of Reach, 2021). 


In 2021, we launched Sharing Connexion Hawaii with a goal to support the creation of affordable housing in a grossly underserved market. Our extensive network in the region, coupled with the dedication of a number of our board members, made this market a natural fit for Sharing Connexion.

Hawaii has the second highest 2-bedroom fair market rent in the country. In Maui County, the estimated average wage for renters is $15.80/hour, but the estimated wage to afford a 2-bedroom at fair market rent is $34.08 (National Low Income Housing Coalition, Out of Reach Report, 2021). 

Stay tuned  for updates from Sharing Connexion Hawaii.

Frequently Asked Questions

Right now, Sharing Connexion is focused on the state of Colorado. This spans all communities – urban, rural, resort, and suburban. We are not taking applications for projects in other states. If you have any questions, please contact staff.

Yes, we have previously done Real Estate Donation work in Colorado, Tennessee, and New York. Collectively, our team has experience in all of the regions of the country. We are currently marketing the Real Estate Donation program to the mountain region, but any nonprofit across the country can come to us for real estate donation management.

The Real Estate Rescue program is also currently focused on the state of Colorado, spanning all communities – urban, rural, resort, and suburban. Real Estate Rescue provides a short-term preservation solution in areas where housing and nonprofits suffer from displacement. We measure displacement a few ways including: using the metrics from the Urban Displacement Project, researching data on increasing appraisal costs of a local area, determining if the loss of a particular nonprofit facility would be difficult to replace, and learning about the costs to build in an area.

Sharing Connexion Hawaii is a new initiative focused on the affordable housing needs in Hawaii, currently with a specific focus on the island of Maui. Much of our work is currently in the planning phase, and we hope to share updates with you soon.

Our work in the near future will be in Colorado and Hawaii. At the same time, we continue to learn about the affordable housing and real estate displacement needs of other states, and we connect and collaborate with real estate leaders throughout the country to identify long-term areas of expansion.

Absolutely! There is a function on our donation page to restrict the program, and there is also a space to write in comments. You can certainly use this function, but you can also reach out to staff to make sure your gift is designated in a way that is meaningful to you!